Flat RM Board

The distance that separates the idea from its implementation is often long and arduous. With the Rowmat Board this distance is zeroed by giving the opportunity to implement every idea, design and innovation in a sort time, with minimal materials, with less effort and at low cost.

RMS1212mm1250x600mm12 m216
RMS2222mm1250x600mm13.5 m218
RM2222mm2500x600mm27 m218
RMS3232mm1250x600mm9 m212
RM3232mm2500x600mm18 m212
RMS4242mm1250x600mm7.5 m210
RM4242mm2500x600mm15 m210
RMS5252mm1250x600mm6 m28
RM5252mm2500x600mm12 m28
RMS8282mm1250x600mm3.75 m25
RM8282mm2500x600mm7.5 m25
RMS102102mm1250x600mm3 m24
RM102102mm2500x600mm6 m24