Demonstration Athens 16-01-17

The second demonstration of structural board Rowmat received great response from the professional world. The public interest was intense with many questions. We thank everyone who attended our presentation. Special thanks to Mr George Paravalos, also his staff for their hospitality and excellent organization.

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Demonstration of Rowmat Board

Successfully completed the presentation of the product Rowmat on 19/12/16 in Paramythia Thesprotia. The team Rowmat wanting to "shake the waters" in structuring, paves the way for a different approach and perspective on the construction. The aim of this presentation was to show the possibilities and the flexibility acquired by a professional or not, in [...]

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Meet Rowmat Board

Meet Rowmat Board The Rowmat Board is a dry construction material, made of specially designed extruded polystyrene, coated bilaterally from high strength cementitious coating. Result of the above is a rigid and very hard surface, to accept any tile, artificial stone, plaster or microcement. The specificity of Rowmat Board is that it provides convenience to [...]

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